The Closet Crew

ribbon cutting Simply put, The Closet Crew loves their furry babies and nothing makes them happier than to share this passion of pets with others.

Bonnie Bitondo is the proprietor of Maxwell & Molly’s Closet. She is also pleased to say that Maxwell, Molly, Milo, Pipsqueak and Olive are her five precious treasures.

In the time Bonnie had grown her fur family, she had traveled through several states and done lots of research in order to provide them with the very best. With each and every search she realized there was a true need for these premium products. So when downtown Newton launched a new Main Street program, it was the perfect time to get involved and an easy choice for the premium pet boutique of which she had dreamed.

The Closet is a true testimate of Bonnie’s beliefs in quality. It was her vow then and remains her mission today, to only stock  the very products which she would place in, on, and near, her own babies.

After a couple years of spoiling her own furry trio as one of Maxwell & Molly’s  much loved customers, MJ officially  joined the Crew. A former music teacher and business owner, MJ’s personal life had lead her on a journey to where she found her fur babies to be her greatest joy and comfort. She believed all dogs big or small should be pampered and Maxwell & Molly’s was her chance to do so on a daily basis as the Hardyston store manager.

 After Maxwell & Molly’s educated her on the importance of a high quality diet for her larger fur kids, Brianne quickly became a loyal Closet customer. She at one time owned and operated her own Cupcake & Cookie Bake Shop, but as the love of her dogs began to out weigh her sweet tooth she decided to shift gears. Brianne's larger dogs, have helped to develop a wider selection of products for all size pups! She has also helped bring the Closet up to speed with today's technology, managing our Facebook page and spear heading our new Point of Sales system & newly designed website. 

The Closet 

The original “Closet” is a lovely boutique located in the historic downtown shopping district on Spring Street, in Newton, NJ. This space is a treasure in and of itself. Completely renovated and restored to it’s original 1910′s charm complete with an old fashioned awning and original tin ceiling. Small on space, and appropriately named “The Closet” , this 350sq ft jewel box is big on beauty and was the proud recipient of the 2007 Newton Chamber of Commerce’s Beautification Award. Chock full and bursting at the seams was an understatement! So in the fall of 2012 the Closet expanded to include the adjoining building and now encompasses 1500 sq ft of wonderful canine couture, jewelry, premium foods and supplements, toys of all kinds, and anything & everything your furry baby can dream of! The ultimate shopping destination and experience for both you and your 4-legged friends!

Newton, NJ Store
218 Spring Street,
Newton, NJ 07860

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10am - 6pm

Thursday 10am - 8pm

Sunday 10am - 4pm

(973) 300-0101

There are lots of people who love their pets! So to better serve the entire Northern NJ Area, the “Closet” has expanded with a second location nestled at the foot of Crystal Springs Resort, in Hamburg NJ. Known as the Golf Mecca of NJ, this beautiful region was a simple choice for our second pet boutique. Although it is twice the size of our original location, we carefully replicated the charm of the Newton store with crystal chandeliers, antique cabinets and armories. Stocked with only the latest & greatest products, our Hamburg store is truly a unique find for you and your fur babies.

The Closet Crew’s goal is to provide an inviting atmosphere for both you and your fur baby, while offering only the very best in service, knowledge and premier products. Whether it be in person, over the phone or online, we look forward to having the opportunity to serve you and your fur family.

Hamburg Store
92 Route 23 S.
Hamburg, NJ 07419

Monday through Friday 10am - 8pm

Saturday 10am - 6pm

Sunday 10am - 4pm

(973) 209-0101

Our Pets

Ah Maxwell...

MaxwellAh Maxwell...
He was Bonnie’s first pup and started it all! A pure joy and so much fun it wasn’t long until the family grew . . .

Molly, Molly, Molly!

MollyA sweet little girl to love…but Bonnie’s heart still had more to give although, the breeder was partially responsible for what happened next … and that would be Milo.


MiloYep, the breeder was retiring. So Bonnie decided to make what was thought to be one final leap and bring home Milo! Milo was a mere 6 months old at the time the boutique was opening. And so the three little Yorkies became the namesake of Bonnie’s dream pet boutique!

But the story doesn’t end there…


PipsqeakBonnie fell in love, yet again, this time with Lili, the toy poodle of a loyal customer.

Bonnie connected with Lili’s breeder and was blessed with Pipsqueak. Pippy, a four pound cream toy poodle, was a wonderful addition & couldn’t be more loved by his human parents & canine siblings.

BTW, Lili’s human mom, MJ, is now part of the Maxwell & Molly’s Family and manages the Hardyston store.

...And finally Olive!

OliveUnexpected and unplanned, Olive became part of the family through the generosity of a family looking for a loving home for a little girl traumatized by the premature separation from her mother and a long mid-winter airline flight from Texas.

The perky and playful Chihuahua was meant to be part of the family as she shares Molly’s birthday and is affectionately called “Olly”.

About the Cats - Peggy and Gabby...

PeggyGabbyFollowing the untimely death in May of 1999 of Bonnie & Rick’s youngest child, Gregg Alan, the mother of one of Gregg’s best buddies, delivered two 

abandoned kittens to the Bitondo home.

They were aptly named . . . Peggy – Gregg’s older sister would dress her brother in girl’s clothes and affectionately called him Peggy. GABby – Gregg’s initials.

Peggy & Gabby are a special part of the family and brave the constant taunting of their canine siblings.

The Mother-Daughter Duo

Tasha and DoodleBrianne so lovingly has nicknamed her Monsters. Tasha, a stray rescued from the streets of Camden NJ, was thought to have been spayed when adopted…but SURPRISE! Only 5 days after bringing her home, she gave birth to a litter of adorable puppies! Although a puppy was not part of the original plan, Brianne just couldn’t part with them all! Now Tasha and Doodle are inseperable & proudly represent the bigger fur babies that the Closet serves! They can be found most days at the Closet in Newton, living the good life and modeling their newest Closet bling!


Lili and Deliliah

The girls of Hardyston, Lili and Deliliah are inseparable precious furbabies each with their own unique story. Two precious toy poodles from Poco A Poco Poodles each a little fashionista in their own right. What a perfect place for them to be at, but Maxwell and Molly’s Closet where they can strut their stuff.