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Our toys fall in two main groupings.

Composite Rubber
  • USA-made West Paw toys. 
  • Guaranteed by the company if your dog should destroy them. All you need to do is send back the cardboard backing that they come on, and our store receipt, and they will mail you a brand new one.
  • Environmentally friendly, they use recycled materials to make them, and their facility is earth-friendly.
  • We have carried West Paw toys from the time we opened our doors, and we have never been disappointed by their toys or their service.
Soft Plush Toys. 
  • Variety of sizes for all pets, big and small!
  • Seasonal Variety.
    • There are all different toys that change by the season.
    • Including holiday toys that feature Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
    • Our most prominent display in the plush toys are HuggleHounds. They're very, very well made and reasonably priced.


Collars, Harnesses & Leads

Harnesses- We feel that all small dogs, all of your petite dogs, should be in a harness, as their throat area is very delicate and any kind of pressure put on the throat can collapse the trachea.

We feel very strongly about our step-in harnesses for the little guys, and we feature a USA-made company who is very reliable and has a wide variety of prints and colors available.

Collars- The collars we offer at Maxwell & Molly's Closet are tested by 500 pounds of pressure, so that if you have a larger dog in a collar and they spy a rabbit or a deer or another dog that's interested, and they try to bolt from you to that other object, it will withstand the pressure.

They vary in size from a thin ribbon, we call them ribbon collars, to the extra-wide for your long-necked Great Danes or Greyhounds.

We are not fans of retractable leads. There've been many injuries caused to dogs by the wire, by people forgetting to lock it and dogs going out in to traffic or a dangerous ravine. 


Coats, Sweaters & Custom Designs

Most of our clothing is displayed in the cold-weather months. We specialize in well-made coats and sweaters. 

When you buy one, you will typically have that coat for most of the dog's life. They are very well- made, and they are fit to the dog in order to give them not only coverage on top, but coverage on the underbelly, because that's what typically hits the ground where the snow and the wet hits, and what can cause your dog to get cold and/or dirty.

We look for coats that have a leash opening for the leash to come out of, and have undercarriage coverage.

In the warmer weather, we'll have different t-shirts that you can also customize with a dog's name or a particular logo or design that you want, logos and designs by the season, by the holiday. We've even created custom designs for the high school teams! 


Maxwell & Molly's Closet will deliver food, treats, toys and accessories right to your door! Forget about lugging around heavy bags of food, or forgetting to stop by the store. Sign up for our local delivery service.

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