So as expressed in last week’s posting that there is no replacement for work, there is no replacement for consistently working.  This does not mean that you don’t love what you are doing!  Fourteen & one-half (14 ½) years ago, at the age of 55, I emptied my retirement account to purchase a very rundown building on Spring Street in Newton.  It was a very big risk at my age but fortunately I am strong willed and possess a sturdy work ethic, modeled for me by my parents. They loved their hometown, Dover, and the people they served.  My mom was a school secretary and my dad a police officer.  In retrospect, I have modeled myself after their commitment to their community through consistent hard work.  My commitment is to Sussex County and to the dogs and cats that provide unconditional love and devotion to their pet parents.  

The beginning required extensive energy to repair, renovate and enhance my building to represent the ambiance I felt my business and my prospective clients deserved.  My vision was not a typical pet store or feed store but a distinguished, unique, happy environment that was warranted by a treasured family member.   Beginning in only 300 square feet required me to carefully vet my inventory to target quality over quantity, a value I uphold to this day.

Even though we now have 6,500 square feet and three stores to serve the pets of Sussex County, we continue to select the best products the pet industry has to offer.  My next posting will describe how this process works.

Bonnie Bitondo

Owner, Maxwell & Molly’s Closet