About Maxwell & Molly's Closet

Maxwell, Our New Addition

The Closet story began when Maxwell was given to me as an anniversary present in 2007. I knew nothing about caring for a special pet, especially a small one. I had only ever had large dogs that lived half time outdoors and indoors, so this was a new venture for me.

First, I went into one of our local pet stores to find the best way to feed and care for my new little 3 lb. Maxwell. The gentleman behind the counter barely looked up when I asked about the location of the puppy food. He gestured toward an aisle saying "it's all down there, and they're all the sam." I walked up and down the aisle, looked at bags and reading labels, feeling more confused and overwhelmed by the minute.I didn't know what ingredients Maxwell should have, and which he should avoid. All I knew was to look at the package and to guess. I walked out of the store with a bag that had a Yorkie on the cover because that's what Maxwell is.

No Guidance, No Support

When I got home, I was so upset because I had fallen for one of the oldest marketing ploys that exists...packaging. My choice of food had nothing to do with the ingredients inside. And, it had nothing to do with the health and wellbeing of my new pup. I found myself wishing for a trusted resource and some guidance, and I was frustrated with the lack of support in our area.

When I realized that there was a real vacancy in our industry for giving advice, having a conversation, and offering quality nutrition products, I took action myself. That's how Maxwell and Molly's Closet began.

Spring Street, Newton, NJ- Our New Home

My husband and I purchased a building on Spring Street, we renovated it personally to suit our vision of what a specialty store should look like. It is not pegs on a wall, it is a wonderful shopping experience. Our motto is, "Premium Products for Precious Pets." Every item we sell has been fully researched. Before it comes into the store we fully understand where the products are made, what ingredients go into it, the philosophies behind the company, the ethics that that company has. Only then, is it brought into our store.

Over time, we expanded operations to a new store in Hamburg, NJ. Both of our locations continue to thrive and grow...providing quality pet products to the market.


Maxwell & Molly's Closet will deliver food, treats, toys and accessories right to your door! Forget about lugging around heavy bags of food, or forgetting to stop by the store. Simply shop our online store and take advantage of our local delivery service.

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Three Beautiful Sussex County NJ Locations

Maxwell & Molly's Closet is the ultimate shopping destination and experience for both you and your 4-legged friends! The Closet Crew's mission is to bring you the very best through our unmatched customer service, knowledge and passion. We specialize in quality products, with an emphasis on USA made. Every item we carry has been carefully examined & hand selected to meet our strict standards. You can be rest assured we carry nothing that our own precious pets do not use and enjoy themselves!

Newton NJ Store


218 Spring Street | Newton, NJ 07860
Monday-Saturday 9 am - 7 pm
Sunday 9 am - 4 pm

North Village At Sparta, NJ Store


4 North Village Boulevard, Suite D | Sparta, NJ 07871
Monday-Saturday 9 am - 7 pm
Sunday 9 am - 4 pm

Hamburg NJ Store


92 Route 23 S. | Hamburg, NJ 07419
Monday-Saturday 9 am - 7 pm
Sunday  9 am - 4 pm

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