Max and Molly’s Musings

Being a lover of animals, every dog or cat that I meet brings out the wish to pet, talk to, and certainly share a treat. This feeling is shared by the majority of people in the United States according to the 2017-2108 National Pet Owners Survey. This translates to 68% of US households or about 85,000,000 families owning a pet! 

     So where is this desire to own a pet? Let’s discuss a dog or cat and its appealing characteristics to people.  Sometimes the first attraction is the eyes. Dog and cat eyes are perfect pools of emotion. They display for the world to see eagerness, happiness, sleepiness, annoyance, anger, hurt and even illness. 

I am posting a picture of my precious pip squeak as he is conveying to us how poorly he is feeling due to failing health. I would love for you to share with us a picture of your precious pet which expresses an emotion through his/her story telling eyes.