Charlotte graces both the Newton and Sparta stores. She has a bounce in her step and a twinkle in her eye and is eager to learn and share. The beautiful window displays in our Newton store are Charlotte’s creations.

Charlotte’s Pet Family Story:

Pets have always been a big part of the McLaughlin family. . . dog & cat rescues and lizards and at one time we even had a Chinchilla! When I moved to Hampton Township with my boyfriend, Bill, his dog, Blaze, became OUR dog, however, my heart and soul is my cat, Luna. She has been my loyal and loving companion since leaving the family nest. Now Luna, Blaze, Bill & I are one big happy family.

Maxwell and Molly’s has taught me so much about health and nutrition. Since I began working here, I have transitioned Blaze, a Pitbull/Lab mix, from a Tractor Supply kibble to Square Pet Skin and Digestion. What a transformation! His hotspots have cleared up and he no longer requires daily allergy meds. It is so gratifying to see a healthy and happy Blaze. Luna was on IAMS for years and after learning about crystals forming in cat’s urine, I immediately switched her to Fromm Four Star. She loves it! Blaze and Luna also share Stella & Chewy’s Game Bird Weenies, a healthy and tasty meat-based treat that they love.
Every single day that I work at Maxwell & Molly’s I learn something new and pass on my knowledge to my family and customers. My mother and father’s dog, Dora, a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, was adopted when I was 18. Dora waits eagerly by her bowl for her Stella & Chewy freeze-dried raw patties! My family and I do everything we can for Dora. Unfortunately, 2½ years ago when my mom was walking her, an off leash police dog attacked Dora and my mom. Dora was in critical condition for two weeks and required multiple surgeries. It is truly a blessing that she is still alive.
Up next . . . a hunting dog. Bill has been doing research on getting a puppy that he can raise and train for hunting. What will Blaze & Luna think?