Erika is our newest and youngest crew member.  She is a 2021 graduate of Newton High School and is currently enrolled at SCCC . . . and acing all her courses!  When Erika is not in class or studying, her smiling face can be seen in any one of our three stores.  She is eager to greet you and help you in any way she can.

Here is Erika’s “Pet Family” Story:

My dog, Penny, has been in my family for six years; my black cat, Zorro, for two years; and, my tuxedo cat, Winston, for one and a half years.  Each one of them means the world to me because of their endless and unconditional love.  Winston and Zorro are very good study buddies. They like to hang around me while I get work done and they are very curious about computers.  They love to lay on top of them when I am trying to type! Penny loves to play and go for walks.  She is very energetic and is always excited to be around people and to get some treats! 

Maxwell and Molly’s has taught me the importance of a fully balanced diet, especially the importance of hydration!  Animals usually do not drink enough water so it is necessary that we provide it in their food. Physiologically, dogs and cats are ill-equipped to drink water.  Usually more winds up on the floor than in their mouths. In our home we use canned food to ensure hydration.  It roughly has a 60-84% water content in each can . . .  and my pets love it!