Karen, like so many of our closet crew members over the years, was recruited from our loyal customer base. She is the Store Manager in Hamburg. Her small stature and quiet demeanor contrast her gigantic contributions to Maxwell & Molly’s. Her creativity, her tech skills, her attention to detail, her practical knowledge of our products and her thoughtful & thorough work have contributed to the dramatic growth of the Hamburg store.

This is my furry family, dogs Sadie and Finn and cats (who are brothers) Lewis & Clark. It’s hard to believe Sadie will be 8 next month; Finn is 4 and Lewis & Clark are 9. Sadie is our protector and loves to herd the cats and Finn; she will also try to herd me toward the door when she wants to go out and I’m not moving fast enough for her liking! Finn is my goofball who loves to steal socks; Lewis is aloof with everyone except me and Clark’s favorite thing is to snuggle. We’re a happy family of 5 now that my daughter’s are grown and on their own.
Although I’ve only worked at Maxwell & Molly’s for a little more than a year now, I have been a long time customer. It was Bonnie who first taught me about pet nutrition for my then Kerry Blue Terrier and she instilled a desire in me to investigate and research beyond the front of a bag of food. Adequate hydration and the quality of the ingredients cannot be over rated. The big box store brands can’t begin to know the sourcing of their ingredients. Smaller manufacturers have much more control over sourcing and quality.