Healthy Skin & Coats

The skin and coat are the largest organs of our pet's body. Without high quality food, the first thing that suffers is the skin and the coat. The essential organs of the body: your heart, your liver, your kidneys, take the ingredients first...leaving the skin and the coat until last to be nourished.

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We also specialize in farm to table products. Our suppliers contract with their local farmers. They specify the way the food is grown, whether it be fruits, vegetables, or the protein source. We ensure that our suppliers partner with farms that is organically grown without pesticides. One example of this dedication are the Horizon line of products. They contract with farmers within 60 miles of their manufacturing plant. 

It is very important to know where the pet food that we buy is made. It's even more important to know where the ingredients come from and that is a question that a lot of people don't even ask themselves. At Horizon we are very proud to say that we source the majority of ingredients within 60 miles around the plant. We not only know our suppliers but they are very often our neighbors and we think it's a distinction that you should know about. Plus, we make it ourselves. When Horizon was launched we wanted to create quality and safe products and those are the reasons why we built our own factory in 2006 instead of giving the responsibility to produce our food to another plant and in another company.

This allows us to control what's coming in the plant such as ingredients. It's also what's going out the plant and that is the pet food that you're going to feed your pet with. We want to make sure it meets our high standards of quality every time. Low temperature cooking allows us to keep the nutrients and the minerals available in the raw ingredients that we use. When the kibble has cooled down that is when we add a variety of probiotic and digestive enzymes that will make our food easy to digest and also good for dogs that have sensitive tummies.

At Horizon we believe that low glycemic formulas are better nutrition. That is the reason why we only use low glycemic sources of carbohydrate such as red lentils and peas in our grain free formulas for example. All our products are GMO free, growth hormone free, and chemical preservative free. Really, what's the point of hurting your wallet to feed your pets when you know there are affordable markets in the market. Not only affordable but also quality options. Horizon Pet Nutrition is quality and value that you can trust.


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